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"If It's Not Baroque" Necklace - Black Tahitian Pearls

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This impressively dark, sexy strand of Petite Tahitian Baroque Pearls is 100% naturally colored with iridescent overtones of pistachio & cranberry that dance across the smooth, metallic lustered surface and amorphous shapes of titanium & platinum hued orbs that literally take on a completely different look when they're seen in different light or on a different background color, which makes them incredibly versatile! Plus, their luster is so incredible they glow - even when you dim the lights!

It is absolutely stunning - drop-dead sexy & its baroque shapes give it just a bit of edginess, without being 'too much'. This strand is elegant with a lowercase 'e' & although its petite size makes it a perfect choice for layering - it stands alone, just beautifully!

Q: Know what you could wear with this necklace?
A: Shoes. ...Well, if you WANT to! Lol!

Petite Tahitian Baroque Pearls

Individually Knotted on Black Silk


14k Corrugated Safety Clasp

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