"Coin Pearl Studs!" .5" Earrings - Coin Pearl, Sterling

"Coin Pearl Studs!" .5" Earrings - Coin Pearl, Sterling

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Have you seen our Coin Pearl She Studs?! They're REAL Pearls & perfect for ALL The Girls...  They're unique & chic. They get noticed + they SIT UP, Buttercup! They give the BIG Pearl look with no hook, no drooping, pulling or pain... You've only got LOVE to gain!  + they're easy on the wallet. 

So, get 'em while you can, man - they don't last long & you can't go wrong - She WANTS these on her ears & if you miss 'em, there will be tears, because these are The BOMB! They're great for ALL The Girls, even MOM!

White Coin Pearls - a smidge smaller than a dime & lookin' GREAT, every time. Slight variations are to be expected because they're real! :) 

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