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 "A visit to Key West Local Luxe is like cracking open a giant jewelry box and walking inside. The sleek gallery-style boutique is filled with dazzling displays of handmade, one-of-a-kind, rare-find jewelry made from precious and semi-precious stones. The pieces are miniature works of art in a surprising range of prices and styles. They work directly with the artists, cutting out the middleman, to keep the prices attainable." - Claudia Miller, USA Today 10 Best


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USA Today's 'Top 3 Shopping in The FL Keys'!

Local Luxe is proud to present the largest selection of handmade, one of a kind & rare-find jewelry in The Keys! From the classics to artistic & exotic - Seriously,  this store has EVERYTHING... everything except boring & manufactured, that is! When you want to make someone feel good- especially YOURSELF...
Delightful delicacies in Gold, Sterling, Precious & Semi-precious Stones & Pearls. Prices range from about $20 to about $10k but are just about ALWAYS better than anywhere else AND Local Luxe is a 'Buy More, Save More' kind of store. So, fill up those shopping carts & ASK about quantity discounts! 

We Make Women Happy.

The World needs more happy people. So, make the world a better place by making women happy- with gorgeous gifts from Local Luxe! 
It's time to Make People Feel Great Again & in the words of Louis Armstrong - when you do, "then YOU will be happy, too!" 


Beautiful Display at Key West Local Luxe Jewelry Store


"Barb Grob has called Key West her home for more than two decades. You’ll find the tall brunette dripping in jewels from her ears to her hands and everything in between on any given day in Key West. Whether she’s stringing up beads in her studio or biking around the island, you’re guaranteed to find this bauble babe rocking some killer pieces. Her style is totally more is more. Her jewelry is in sync wither her personality — bold, brilliant and fabulous." 
-Jennifer Potter, Key West Florida Weekly, 2020

Barb Grob - Key West Local Luxe Jewelry Store

Meet Barb Grob, Artist, Curator & Owner

"Jewelry is The GREATEST GIFT. It always fits, easily ships & won't go to the hips!" - Barb GrOb, Local Luxe Gallery Goddess, Artist In Residence

(Her last name looks like 'glob' but rhymes with 'globe' & nobody knows how to make that line thingie, signifying a HARD-O... LOL!)



Located at 515 Fleming St. in the 'Fabulous 500 Block' at world famous, Duval Street, Key West.

ALL the businesses in the 'Fabulous 500 Block' are 100% Locally Owned & LOVED!


Can't make it to our jewelry store in Key West, this year? Don't know what to get?

That's OK!
..No scrolling, No Mall. All ya gotta do is, CALL!
Just call or Text Barb at 305-304-9001 for our
"Perfect Gift Selection Service"...
answer a few questions & voila!
Whether it's for you or someone who you want to make happy-
The perfect jewels will magically arrive- gift wrapped, free shipping over $95 & tax free, out of state!
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Whether in-store, online, via our Live jewelry shopping show "The Pretty Party!"... You name it! ...We're here to help!