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What is Variscite?

Variscite is a mineral made of aluminum & phosphate and is relatively rare. While often confused for turquoise, Variscite is typically a greener color, oftentimes an intense green due to the presence of Chromium.

History of Variscite 

Found in Vogtland, Germany in 1837, the stone was named after the historical name of the town, Variscia.  Besides Germany, it is found in Nevada, Utah & Wyoming in the USA, Spain, Brazil, Poland, & Australia.  Variscite from Nevada has trademark black spider webbing in the matrix.  

Among various names, Variscite has been called Utahcite, Lucinite, and Variquoise.  One type of Variscite from Nevada is called Amatrice or Amatrix for American Matrix.   When banded, Variscite has been called Sabalite and Tranite.

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