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The striking beauty of Larimar jewelry is why it is so popular.  Also known as 'The Caribbean Stone', Larimar was only ever found in one place on Earth - the Dominican Republic.

The story goes that the gentleman whose land Larimar was found on was allowed to name it. So, he named it after his daughter, 'Larisa' & the ocean, 'Mar'... It's a great story - one that (hilariously!) some of the locals dispute but we don't care! Larimar is GORGEOUS & we LOVE IT! Besides, who hates a good story?! 

The Larimar stone is a rare form of Copper-based mineral that was discovered in 1916 but was disregarded & rediscovered in 1974. It was only productively mined for about a decade & now, is said to be mined-out. Crazier still, scientists say, it was a geological anomaly & there will never be any more. 

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