What the Heck is “Comment Sold” and How Do I Get an Invite to “The Pretty Party?!”

There is a new way to shop all the rockin’ girlie goods at Key West Local Luxe! It’s called, “Comment Sold.” This is a live and interactive shopping event that showcases special VIP treatments, such as jewels that haven’t been listed on the website yet, secret sales, daily deals, and of course, the “Super Friends Discount “(SFD)! Also, get the dish on helpful tips and tricks, such as “How to Find the Perfect Gift,” “What To Do About Saggy Lobes,” “Swingin’ Rings,” and all sorts of things! Each show will be AT LEAST 2 HOURS of all things PRETTY!  









“Wow!” you might say, “How do I get an invite to this bitchin’ good time?!” The great news is YOU’RE ALREADY INVITED! Whaaaattt?! Yeah, that’s right! You are so awesome sauce that  “The Pretty Party” is coming TO YOU! All you have to do is click this link to register: https://kwll.commentsold.com/ (copy and paste this into your Facebook so the link will work)


Lickety split and that’s it!! Now that you are registered, save the date for the first event!

*Date: First Friday, November 6, 2020

*Time: 5 PM Eastern Time (that’s 2 PM for our West Coast Crew and 3 PM in the Midwest)


When the day of “The Pretty Party” arrives (Are you soooo excited?! I cannot WAIT!) here’s how the “Comment Sold” will work: When you see something you want pop up on the screen, write in the comment section “SOLD” as well as the item number of what you want. You’ll get an auto-generated invoice to your Facebook private messages with thirty minutes to pay. If the piece is not paid within 30 minutes, it will be released from your cart and will go to the next person on the waitlist. So, get your fast fingers ready and your payment method handy! So FUN and EASY! A great perk to shopping in real time with Barb and Tim (besides the fact that you will probably be rolling on the floor laughing because these two are a HOOT) is that you get to ask any and all questions right then and there! On top of that, you will be able to see how each piece REALLY looks on a REAL person! No scrolling, no mall, and you don’t even have to call. BOOM! We just dropped the most amazing shopping bomb right on your Facebook page (literally, you don’t even have to leave your bed. I wouldn’t even get out of my PJs). You’re so welcome! 


Alrighty, you party animal you, here’s your checklist for the best shindig in ANY town:

  1. Register with this link: https://kwll.commentsold.com/ (remember to copy and paste into your Facebook so the link will work)
  2. Save the Date: Friday, November 6, 2020 at 5 PM Easter Time
  3. Put your party pants on (if you don’t want to wear pants, that’s fine, too. You do you, girl!) and get ready for “The Pretty Party!”


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