November Babe’s Birthstone Guide


Happy birthday to all the November babes out there! This is a birthstone blog that is dedicated to telling you all about YOUR banging birthstone. So, let’s give it a go, shall we?!


For each month, there are usually a couple of birthstones. That is because there is a traditional birthstone and modern day birthstone. Why, you may ask, are there two birthstones for each month? Well, that’s a good question! It is thought that throughout time, numerous cultures and civilizations associated different meanings and metaphysical powers to stones and crystals. Therefore, these ancient civilizations were unknowingly also creating the path for birthstones. There are also two zodiac signs for each month, so there’s a stone attached to each sign within the month.


Now that we got a little history lesson in, let’s get down to the good stuff! The birthstones for this month are golden topaz (modern) and citrine (traditional).


Golden, imperial, or yellow topaz (I know, so many names! But know that we know what you mean when you use any of them!) originates from Russia, Brazil, and is also mined in Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Texas. For thousands of years, the golden hue of this stone has conjured thoughts of luxury, generosity, and strength. This stone is widely known as the “friendship stone,” so it would make the perfect gift for all your favorite gal pals! It’s metaphysical properties include invoking creativity and intention, as well as generating abundance in one’s life.  That’s one cool rock!


Did you know that the name “citrine” comes from the French word, “citrin” which means “lemon?” It’s true, and you totally see the reason for it! This stone ranges from pale yellow to deep golden orange. Citrine is a variety of quartz, and the yellow hues are caused by traces of iron and quartz crystals. The origin of citrine is dated back to ancient times. The Greeks used citrine as a decorative item, Romans used it in jewelry, and 17th Century Scottish men used it to adorn their sword handles.  That’s a lot of history for a rock to be a part of, isn’t is?! During the 19th century, citrine was worn by many famous Hollywood elite, including Greta Garbo, and was featured in a lot of major art deco jewelry pieces. This stone is associated with self-improvement, so if you’ve been feeling in a rut, this stone is for you! Even if you don’t believe in metaphysical properties of stones, it’s still nice to wear a reminder to spark your creativity and accomplish your goals!


Are you so excited about your birthstone now!? Both of these stones are beautiful and shine like the sun, which I think everyone could use a little more sunshine in their lives! Happiness is kind of the jam at Key West Local Luxe, and you can bet your bottom dollar there are many unique, one of a kind artisan pieces that have these birthstones in them! Just go to the “Gemstones” tab at the top of the main webpage on and you’ll see what I mean. From stunner pendants to edgy rings, there are all sorts of things that will catch your eye and your heart. If you ever have any questions, you can always call Barb and she will be happy to help find the perfect piece, because we make women happy!! 



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