...Long time, No SEEeee! We MISS You, down here, in Key West!

Hello, Lovelies!

...Long time, No SEEeee! We MISS You, down here, in Key West! Obviously, The World has changed for everyone & as you could guess- things are very different in Key West, too... Some people are apparently, quite 'SPECIAL' but this ain't about that! This an update about Key West Local Luxe! I'm sorry, I've been AWOL for a bit. Frankly, I was busy tearin' my hair out! 

As usual - the last thing I did, right before a major catastrophe- like a hurricane or a pandemic - was to go on a 'YUGE' buying trip... Ooof! That hurt more than my feelings! Lol! The GOOD thing about THAT is - we have enough stock to last us for at least 3 years & that's if everybody's shoppin' like Wild, Rich Women- which, I'm quite certain, they WILL BE, soon as they SEE how great the new goodies are! 

Like everybody- I was initially, just SO bummed by all of this... I spent the 1st several months in a spin cycle of starts & stops, depression & hittin' the vino! I'm not too proud to admit it... I just couldn't figure out how the heck we're supposed to DO THIS! How do you sell jewelry to clients you don't have, anymore? How do you let people in the store, SAFELY? How do you reach your clients who you normally see 3 x's a year?? Many folks have postponed their vacations for A YEAR & lemme tell ya' most Key West businesses are NOT prepared to wait that long for business! Point being, times are tough on this tiny island! 

...BUT folks, I do believe we've just turned a corner & are finally, on to a couple of Somethin's that are Pretty Darned GREAT! :) 

#1. We are NOW OPEN - exclusively, for PRIVATE SHOPPING!

And THAT's been GREAT! Honestly, we used to see about 30 to 40 people a day, in our store & although, we loved 'em all - that's just not a good idea, right now & this is SO much BETTER because now, ALL guests get my full attention & we're able to really make every person feel like royalty!

  • Book your Private Shopping experience in our studio/showroom online, at the "Appointments" tab in the navigation bar on our Homepage. You choose your time, pay a $25 deposit to secure your time slot & ideally- you login & create a Wish List. If you do that, I can see it & will have all your selections + some of my suggestions, waiting for you on trays & you'll have your own private jewelry trunk show - curated, just for YOU! AND, when you do this- you'll get a $50 CREDIT to use during your trunk show + a glass of vino & all my love! On the very off-chance, you don't find something you love - we will refund the $25 deposit - if you insist. BUT, it will NOT be refunded in the cases of 'no-shows'. Surely, you can understand- Sally-Jo from Idaho would have made that appointment her own- given the chance! Tee hee! 
  • Walk-ins - If you don't have time to make a Wish List or are just passin' by, 'on the fly' & want to get happy - Yes! You CAN take a chance & call for entry. If we're there & there's sufficient time between appointments & video shoots, we'll be happy to seat you for a Private Shopping Session. However, we are a 'Browsing Store' - NO MORE... It's just not cool, to let people browse about, getting their germie mitts on all the beauteous baubles, these days! So, guests are going to have to sit & answer a few questions & let us bring them the greatest girlie-goods, ever! It's SO much more fun, too! 
  • No Time? No Problem! Call me for Concierge Shopping at 305-304-9001. I'm a Professional! I'm GREAT at this & it is my pleasure, to take care of this for you!

#2. We are just about to launch our LIVE Shopping Shows & our own Local Luxe Shopping APP!

  • We're setting up the studio & nailing down the details, now. So, STAY TUNED! We'll be putting out a lot more info on that, asap & we should be ready to LAUNCH by mid-October!


  • We're SO SAFE, it's CRAZY! We allow a maximum of 4 guests in the showroom at any time (so, you can bring up to 3, with your booked appointment). All Staff & Guests must sanitize their hands, prior to entry & remain FULLY masked during the entire visit. Sorry, not on the chin or under the nose... Ya gotta cover up to play dress-up, in this swanky showroom! :) If you can't find your mask, don't sweat it. We've got some for you! We've got gloves - if you like, too! All cases, counters, chairs, jewels - EVERYTHING is sanitized, between guests. So, timeliness is important! 
  • Puppies! We've got PUPPIES! It is said, that they don't carry COVID, which is great! Still, keep your face covered or they'll try to sneak in a lick to your kisser! If you don't like puppies, you're probably kinda crazy but that's OKAY! Just let us know beforehand & we'll put them away. ;) 

Insider Shopping TIP:
When you Create an Account on KeyWestLocalLuxe.com & Save your favorite jewels to a Wish List - your chances of happiness increase EXPONENTIALLY - because we can SEE your choices & make gifting suggestions to your friends & family for your special days, offer you sneak peeks from our Secret Stash & create curated collections for you... We can even send you Secret Sales, based on YOUR Selections! 

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