June is PEARL MONTH ~ Blog Post by Barb

Hey June Babies! You lucky ducks!

If you were born in the month of June, you have not one, but three beguiling birthstones to choose from: Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite - that's right! Most gravitate to Pearl and Moonstone though, since Alexandrite is rare & spendy + there are a lot of fakes out there, these days...

SO, we're gonna stick to what we've got & that's a LOT of Pearls & quite a few pieces of Moonstone jewelry too! Let's start with Pearls! 

(Finishing this post - FINALLY!)

Interesting facts about PEARLS... The biggest MYTH about Pearls is that they are created in the wild by a grain of sand - believe it or not, it's NOT TRUE!

The truth is: Pearls are made by both oysters (salt) and mussels (fresh) as a natural defence against an irritant such as a parasite entering their shell or damage to their fragile body. The oyster or mussel slowly secretes layers of aragonite and conchiolin or 'nacre' (pronounced 'nayker'), This is the material that also makes up its shell & in natural pearls, is what determines their color.
Fewer than one in 10,000 oysters produces a pearl in the wild & then, somebody's got to find it... & to be blunt - most of them just aren't pretty enough to want to keep.
For those reasons, wild Pearls are very rare & very expensive - especially, ones that are beautiful! In modern times, you'll almost never see them used in jewelry & that's OKAY! :D 
Cultured or cultivated pearls are REAL PEARLS - they've just been given a helping hand by pearl farmers & scientists, to help them be their best! They're nucleated by surgical implantation of mantle tissue from another mullosk into it's gonad (funny, I know!). And, after harvesting - there are over 350 steps from mullosk to market!
Cultured Pearls make up about 99% of the worlds pearl market & what's also wild is that even though millions of pearls are nucleated every year, only a tiny percentage of them are considered good enough quality to be used in jewelry & well over 50% are pulverized for use in cosmetics & other industries.
Tahititian & South Sea Pearls are never color enhanced. 

And the scarcity is increasing due to HUGE demand + environmental, political & supply chain issues - this has caused pearls to double & triple in price, world-wide - especially, the large round & baroques... They just are no longer available. So, if you're lucky enough to get some big, beautiful, Lady-Balls (or Man-Balls... don't forget, the Men-In-Pearls trend is HUGE now, too!) at an affordable price - you really ARE a lucky duck & you've got something quite SPECIAL!
In case you think Men In Pearls can't be hot... I present to you: Jason Mamoa
(If I had that power, I'd present him to ME!)

Now, back to Key West Local Luxe...There are great June Jewels on our site, that's for shore but if you want to see more, visit the store! If you can't do that Lady-Cat,  it's okay! Watch my show, anyway! It's called "The Pretty Party!" It's Thursdays, at 6 o'clock, Eastern Time - that's when we rhyme & sell jewelry, with tomfoolery... It's on Facebook - so, take a look! Or, watch on our App - where shopping's a SNAP!

Check your email - so ya don't fail to see, how beautiful this world could be - with more PEARLS, for all the girls! And some boys, too - whatcha gonna do? It doesn't hurt me & it doesn't hurt you! <3 Which reminds me - Happy Pride, Y'all! 

Pearl Specials ALL Month Long! + FREE Pearl Studs (& I don't mean duds) with any order over $100 during June & Free shipping, too - Now, I'm singin' your tune! :D 

Have a special request? I'll be happy to help! Just call my cell: 305-304-9001. 

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