Insider Tip: Make A Wish List. You'll be glad you did! Here's How...

Insider Shopping TIP:
Make a WISH LIST. ...You'll be SO glad you did!

When you save your favorite jewels to a Wish List - your chances of happiness increase, EXPONENTIALLY - It's sort of like a 'Vision Board' but WAY more effective (Lol!)) because You can Share it, We can send you discounts & secret stash based on it, create a private trunk show or sale for you... Heck, you can even make multiple Wish Lists for your holiday gift buying... It's SO GREAT! 

Then, we can make gifting suggestions to your friends & family for your special days, offer you sneak peeks from our Secret Stash & create curated collections for you... We can even send you Secret Sales, based on YOUR Selections!

You can even make MULTIPLE LISTS... Like for The Holidays - different lists for different gift recipients - you can name, edit & Share them. Smart, Right? It'll save so much time & make shopping a breeze! 

AND, if you're in Key West & book a Private Shopping appointment, I'll pull the goodies from your Wish List & have them all ready for you to try on + suggestions from The Vault & our Secret Stash of jewels... It's like having your own private, jewelry trunk show!

Imagine if there was a secret page, with all the things that YOU LOVE from our website & you could share it with people who wanted to make you happy - no more scrolling or hunting (& lemme tell 'ya, most guys hate that. Lol!). This will make your birthdays & holidays SO MUCH BETTER! 😃
Here's How:
2) 'Activate your Account' using the link, sent to your email & Login.
3) Once you're 'IN', all you have to do is click the ❤ icon in the top left of the images of all the items you love & WISH for.
Then, just fill 'er UP with your faves & share that page with anyone who might like to make you happy or, just save it, 'till you're ready to do the job yourself! It's EASY!
*Note: This does not 'HOLD' the items for you. They will still, be available on the site & since most of our goods are one of a kind- it's kind of a 'snooze, ya lose' sort of a thing. BUT, We are about to start offering Sezzle - so you can buy now & stretch out payments... That way, you get what you want - as you SHOULD!  Happy Shopping, Ladies & Germs! Stay Gorgeous! 

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