Druzy: Earth's Way of Saying, "Let's Party!"

Have you ever seen druzy?! It’s glitter and glam may make you think that it’s fake but this stuff is the real deal! Barb calls it, “God’s Glitter” and if you’ve ever seen it, you know why! Let’s dive into this glittery goodness!



What is druzy, exactly? Well, from doing my due diligence on Google, I can tell you that druzy is “an aggregate mass of small crystals, also known as “crystal druse.” In English? It is sets of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone. There are many types of druzy, obviously because there are many types of minerals. Depending on what mineral this groovy druzy has grown from, it can change in crystal size, luster, and color.


Ready for some rock nerd knowledge? Yeah, you are!! Druzy forms when water brings minerals onto a rock’s surface. When the water evaporates, cooling occurs and the minerals are left behind to form crystals on top of the rock. How cool is that?!  Most druzy forms in voids, such as cavity lining in geodes. Druzy quartz is the most common version, and as such, crystals can form on any quartz variation. This includes smoky quartz, amethyst, or citrine. In druzy agate, you are still getting quartz because agate is a variety of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. That’s why they can be any color but are mostly found in earthy hues, such as white, yellow, orange, red, and brown. However, druzy can also be found in nature in hues of purple, blue, green, and even pink. Druzy can also be dyed, and both quartz and agate accept dye pretty well. As a result, it’s easy to find stones that were treated to feature incredibly vibrant or unusual coloring. Titanium coating is also a popular treatment to give an an aurora borealis effect. 


 Druzy is found all over the world, but most commonly found in areas that produce significant amounts of agate, since the crystals often form in agate voids. A great amount of druzy comes from Brazil, and there are also large deposits in parts of Africa, Europe, South America, Mexico, and the United States.


If you are looking for an affordable jewelry option with a ton of sparkle, druzy is where it’s at! The crystals are relatively inexpensive due to its abundance in the Earth, so it’s an ideal candidate for lots of bang for your buck! Want to give your pet sitter or distant relative a nice gift without spending too much? Druzy is your stone, girl!  Want the look of glitz and glam without diamonds? Yes, I’m still talking to you!!  Druzy’s textured crystals give lots of sparkle and pizzazz as they catch the light and attention of those around you! These crystals are most sought after during the holidays, when glitter is abound and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.  It makes sense since this is the time when most of us are attending or throwing parties and parties are an excellent excuse for glitter!


Speaking of the holidays, let’s get that Christmas list out! There are a TON of druzy options at Local Luxe! Just go to the “Gemstones” tab at the top of the homepage and then to “Druzy.” Get your party pants on and let’s get shopping!

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