December Darling's Birthstone Guide

Happy Birthday to all you beautiful December people! This blog post is dedicated to the gems associated with the month that you were born! Let’s get started :) 


For each month, there are usually a couple of birthstones. That is because there is a traditional birthstone and modern day birthstone. Why, you may ask, are there two birthstones for each month? Well, that’s a good question! It is thought that throughout time, numerous cultures and civilizations associated different meanings and metaphysical powers to stones and crystals. Therefore, these ancient civilizations were unknowingly also creating the path for birthstones. There are also two zodiac signs for each month, so there’s a stone attached to each sign within the month. In the case of December, there have actually been numerous stones throughout history associated with this month (Bloodstone and Ruby are a couple of the more traditional stones) so instead of two stones, there are actually three modern day gems! How cool is that?! 


The modern stones associated with the month of December are Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Blue Zircon. Initially, the birthstones for December were turquoise and Lapis Lazuli. However, in the 1950s, this changed due to growing consumer interest in Blue Zircon. Tanzanite joined the December birthstones list in 2002. All of these stones carry blue hues that are reminiscent of the snowy, winter weather that is usual of December (unless you live on an island, then let’s just say they look like the ocean :). 


Did you know that turquoise has been around for more than 3,000 years?! That’s one ancient beauty! The name derives from the French expression, “Pierre torques” or “Turkish stone.” It was given this name, fittingly, because the gemstone was originally found in modern-day Turkey but nowadays varieties come from all over the world and many of the best come from The USA. Often named after the mines from which they come - like, Kingman, Royston, Bisbee & the now no-more Sleeping Beauty, they each have their own identifiable characteristics. Generally, a blue to green stone that varies in its matrix patterns, there are hundreds of varieties of Turquoise. This stone has been associated with strength, prosperity, and protection from evil. I’d say that’s a pretty great rock to have by your side (or on your neck or in your ears)! 

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Tanzanite is the blue to violet form of Zoisite. The Merelani Foothills of Tanzania is the only place in the world where this rare gem has been found. One of the coolest aspects of this gemstone is that it displays pleochroism, which means that the hue of the stone changes as you move it around. Tanzanite changes from blue to violet with flashes of red and is just spectacular in the sunlight! This gem has been associated with boosting the immune system, increasing communication skills, and sharpening the mind. 

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Zircon is a natural stone that is much like Diamonds in its hardness and look. In fact, Zircon has the highest refractive index out of any other gemstone and that’s including Diamonds. It is actually more rare than Diamonds at a fraction of the cost, and is not be to confused with the simulated stone, Cubic Zirconia. (Maybe we’ll have a blog post on that soon…wink, wink!) It is well known for its ability to split white light into a spectrum of colors and its dispersion, or fire. Metaphysically, it is associated with releasing negative energy and clearing your mind... That seems like a good idea!

Here's some of that:


There you go, December ladies and gents, there’s some news you could use about your birthstones! If you are someone looking for a gift of a December darling, you’re welcome! Of course, there are a ton of options for all of these gemstones on the Key West Local Luxe’s website. Go under the “Gemstones” tab and they are all there! You know you can always contact Barb by phone or make an appointment for an online consultation as well. There's ALWAYS more in the store & there are plenty of ways to get what you want... We're here to make sure you DO! :) 

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