Aquarius - Amethyst and the SEVEN Alternatives, Oh My! A rich montage of Aquarius' buncha birthstones & why + Happy Birthday! :D

So, searching for info & info on the birthstones for the sign of Aquarius this morning, I found SO MUCH cool & interesting history! So, this post is a montage of excerpts & quotes from others on Aquarius - the zodiac sign of both, my mom & my brother. 

There are many options but of course, the most famously associated stone is Amethyst & we've got some INCREDIBLE OPTIONS - even more, in-store. So, if you don't find the perfect piece on our website, give Barb a call at 305-304-9001 & she'll help you find it from our secret stash - there's always a TON more, not yet on the website. Anyhoo, HAPPY Birthday to our Aquarius Friends & remember to reach out to us & get your Birthday Girl Special! It's $50 OFF 200 or more, anytime within a week of your special day! :D 

Those born between January 21 and February 18 belong to the celestial sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of zodiac. According to the old legend, Aquarius was a sun of the King of Troy who served the gods as a cupbearer. The color of Aquarius is considered to be sky blue, which is odd because the strikingly purple Amethyst is most known for the sign of Aquarius.

Amethyst - one of Aquarius birthstones

However, their are actually LOTS of options for this & most zodiac signs. Other options for Aquarius zodiac stone can be Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Garnet, Onyx and Crystal.

Most of birthstones by month and zodiac lists are based on the arrangement of gems on the biblical Aaron breast plate. Based on the fact that Aquarius is the 11th sign of zodiac, it is often associated with the 11th stone of the breastplate which is called ‘sapir’ or sapphire. More over, it is often thought that Aquarius birthstone color is blue.

In older interpretations it is argued that the 11th stone of Aaron’s breastplate was another blue birthstone. Indeed, in older birthstone lists we often see lapis lazuli used instead of sapphire hence it can also be considered an Aquarius gemstone.

Labradorite – a gemstone of mostly bluish color that is famous for its magnificent gleam as well as color change properties, got its name from Labrador – a Canadian province where it was first discovered. Labradorite is also thought to be under the sign of Aquarius.

Labradorite - another Aquarius birthstone

Labradorite - another Aquarius birthstone

According to Pliny, a philosopher and Navy commader of the Roman Empire, obsidian was given it's name after Obsiduis who first dicsovered this gem in Ethiopia. From ancient times birthstone obsidian was used in different places for the world for making cutting blades ans also decorative objects. Obsidian is a volcanic glass, mostly of a black color, but can also occur in pink, green, and grey.

More than 100 years ago many academics noted that certain green variety of obsidian has a chemical composition that pointed out to a non-volcanic origin of it. This stone was called moldavite (WOW!) and is believed to have been produced by a so called 'volcanic bomb' or in other words by meteorite impact. Moldavite was thought to be a very powerful birthstone and is very popular nowadays. According to several astrologist including Kozminsky, obsidian and moldavite are Aquarius birthstones.

As per the research of the early 20th century author H. Thomson, onyx and crystal are Aquarius birthstones. Both gems are varieties of quartz, with birthstone crystal being mostly transparent version and birthstone onyx being the version with black and white rings.

Carved Obsidian Buddha SWV Pave Pendent on Hematite

As you can see, there are 7 gems that can be used as an Aquarius birthstone, so which one you should choose? Which ones are the good stones for Aquarius? We strongly believed you can select any or all of them. This can be the gem from the list above that you like the most, or that you feel is yours or that falls under any of your criteria. It is entirely up to you! 

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