April Birthstones, Birthday Club & Barb's Big Annual Birthday Sale!

Diamonds are most commonly considered the birthstone for the month of April and the zodiac sign Aries (March 21-April 19) + Emeralds for the zodiac sign Taurus (April 20-May 20). We LOVE BOTH!

The Diamond's affiliation with love makes it a great choice for any occasion & pretty much, every girl loves them! Plus, they're tough as nails and they 'shine bright, like Diamonds'... And, Emeralds - well, who doesn't like GREEN?! They're a big deal in Key West, too - because of the stash that was found on the wreck of the Atocha, here by Mel Fisher. So, that's all pretty great! 

To save you a search - *Here's a link to 8 pages of Diamond jewelry on our site (raw & fine): https://keywestlocalluxe.com/search?page=1&q=diamond *Here are a few Emerald pieces, too (may more in-store): https://keywestlocalluxe.com/search?page=1&q=diamond

Does she love the Classics or something a little different? We here, at Key West Local Luxe love the sparklers and the raw versions of stones, too!  We've got a fabulous selection of both, in diamonds and emeralds + MANY more options in-store!

There are four other stones that have historically been assigned to April babies and some new options that are gaining popularity, too. White Sapphire and Opal, were the birthstones for April long before Diamonds and in more recent years, White Topaz, Moonstone and Quartz have been stirring up sparkling stardust as alternatives due to their visual similarity to Diamond, too - how nice, without the price! Herkimer Diamonds are great alternatives, too. They're naturally terminated (pointed) on both ends, a little harder than regular Quartz and often quite clear. I'd like to add another OBVI Winner, too - Zircon Stone. It's an awesome stone - second in hardness, only to Diamonds, it's often, more sparkly and brilliant for like, a TENTH of the price... Now, THAT is really nice!

Birthstones by Zodiac: It's important to note that as we mentioned in the last post - April babies born on or before the 20th fall under the Start sign of Aries and their classic stones are Diamond, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Bloodstone and more recently, Zircon. Those born on or after April 21st will fall under the star sign of Taurus and enjoy Emerald as a birthstone, as well as those listed here. Isn't it wild, how many options there are?! Recently, even the lovely, Larimar has been added to the list! If you're not familiar with this fascinating & fabulously beautiful stone, check it out on our recent blog posts + our awesome & growing selection, in-store & on our site!

Now, if you're reading this blog post- you probably already know that we've got an incredibly HUGE selection of jewelry that fits the bill for April birthday babes + that, our claim to fame here, is The Real Thing at The Best Price. SO, if you've got reason to please a person of the April birth month persuasion - Key West Local Luxe is here to help you do it!

Of course, the Ladies LOVE the Lovelies - regardless of birth month. Rocks & gems, in general, are fascinating & beautiful + ALL Good Girls LOVE PEARLS! (My dogs even wear them! LOL!)

There's ALWAYS a reason - no matter the season, to MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY, Make Just ONE, Someone Happy! ...And then, YOU Will Be HAPPY, TOOOOOOOO!!!!! 

That was me, performing a keyboard rendition of Louis Armstong's 'Make Someone Happy'. Did 'ya 'get it'? Lol! 

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My birthday is April 26th & I'm preparing for the Barb's Big Annual Birthday Sale, now... Who knows what it'll be? Not ME?! As for myself, I love my birthstone but I'd be happy that anyone thought enough to give me any gift of jewelry - it doesn't HAVE to be a Diamond... but it wouldn't make me mad, if it was! LOL! 

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