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And, YES! Pisces... Happy Birthday, to The Fabulous Fishes!


Pisces’s Birthstones - Aquamarine, Bloodstone & Amethyst

Pisces’s birthstones are aquamarine, bloodstone, and amethyst. In this gemstone guide, we’ll take a closer look at these gemstones and explain why they’re worthy of being the stones of Pisces.

*Full disclosure - I was in a hurry when writing this one. So, much of it is excerpts from the MetropolitanGirls site, from an article written by Madame Constella. Who doesn't LOVE a woman wh goes by 'Madame'? LoL! Anyhoo, it's pretty interesting, what she has to say! Be sure to check out the Aquamarine Amethyst & Bloodstone options for Pisces on our Jewelry Pages & feel free to check with us at the store- where there's always LOTS more options! :) 

Overview: Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth and last astrological sign of the zodiac. It is one of the three water signs—the other two being Cancer and Scorpio. You’re a Pisces if you’re born between February 19 and March 20.

Pisces is a mutable sign which means that their mode of expression is variable and constantly flickering. Generally, Pisces is an extremely sensitive sign. They are the ones who care deeply and feel everything thoroughly. They are extremely affectionate, albeit closed off sometimes.

The Pisces symbol is the Fish. Specifically, their symbol represents two fish swimming in opposite directions. It conveys the always-present conflict within the Pisces sign: fantasy vs reality.

Pisces is one of the most creative and deeply expressive signs. In addition, they also have strong intuitive and psychic abilities.

Like the eleven signs that come before Pisces, Pisces is not perfect. In terms of negative traits, Pisces can be oversensitive, indecisive, and extremely moody. They are also gullible at times and often weak-willed.

The Birth Stones of Pisces

Pisces birthstones are gemstones that either represent Pisces symbolically or respond to the highly divergent energies and vibrations of Pisces people.

Below is a list of gemstones recommended for people born under the Pisces sign.

1. Aquamarine

aquamarine cabochon

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Aquamarine is a birthstone for March Pisces. Its name comes from a Latin phrase that means “water of the sea.” This blue to blue-green gemstone is reminiscent of the sea which resonates with Pisces, a water sign and it can look a surprising many different ways - from Milky Aquamarine to quite dark and even with the sparkling 'shiller' effect.

Aquamarine is a purification stone. It invokes cleansing and purifying of your mind, spirit, and heart. It is an excellent stone to wear to work or during meditation. It can give you a mental lift when you’re feeling stressed.

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In the face of negativity- this stone drives out those energies and brings tranquility and exhilaration in their place. In short, this stone does not let you feel stuck in any way and its vibrations inspire you to follow your heart, be creative, and be true to your nature. According to astrology, Pisces folks can sometimes be indecisive and overly trusting, this stone helps Pisces people to avoid unwanted situations and people in life. Besides that, the Aquamarine stone also wakes up your inner strength, courage, and resilience—and these are a great tool against the infamous gullible nature of Pisceans.

Aquamarine has been known as a lucky stone that brings good fortune as well as protection. In ancient times, the stone was used by seafarers as a protective talisman on their voyages.

2. Bloodstone


Another birthstone for Pisces is the bloodstone. Bloodstone is a deeply healing stone that activates your chakras. The stone’s name is bloodstone because the red incursion in the stone resembles droplets of blood.

For it is linked to blood, a critical part of the human body (and any animals for that matter), bloodstone has been a symbol of health, circulation, physical strength, and protection against diseases.

It is also believed to influence your emotions and thoughts in such a way that you will take wise, level-headed decisions. In other words, the stone also takes care of your mental health. Wearing a bloodstone or keeping it as a décor helps to clear your mind.

This dark green stone also symbolizes courage and determination. It will inspire confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Pisces are creative individuals and dreamers by nature. And dreamers can sometimes dream a little too much. They will benefit greatly from the balancing and grounding energies of bloodstone. Consequently, this will also help you live in the moment and enjoy it.

According to historical records, Bloodstone was used in amulets and as talismans. Ancient warriors wore bloodstones into battle for they believe that the stone would protect them from harm.

3. Amethyst (also the stone for Aquarius - it's a twofer!)

The charming violet-purple stone of amethyst is also a Pisces birthstone and a birthstone for February. So it is especially meaningful for February Pisces.

This stone is most recognized for its natural soothing abilities. This means that you can use it to alleviate stress, anxiety, irritability, strain, etc. It can also be a great help with alleviating depression and grief. Furthermore, if you are someone who suffers from inexplicable mood swings, this stone will help you balance them.

As Pisces is highly intuitive, this stone resonates with them and promotes spirituality and deep thinking. You can also unlock and realign your Third Eye Chakra and Etheric Chakras with the Amethyst stone. In the past, Amethyst has been used for spiritual purposes such as protection from psychic attacks. Aside from that, if you are facing difficulties in your professional life, you can manifest clarity and ambition with this stone. Similarly, if the center of trouble is in your love life, you can meditate with it to manifest love, affection, and harmony. This will lead to resolving conflicts with your partner, whether they are petty or serious - but who cares about THEM? Let's talk about JEWELRY! LoL! ;) 

*Thanks for the inside intel, Madame Constella!

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