A Guide to Perfect Gift Giving!

It’s that time of year again: when we are thinking about how to find the PERFECT gift for all of our loved ones. The pressure can feel insane as we browse endless stores filled with an overwhelming amount of things that we really do not want or need, and who really wants to go from store to store in the time of a pandemic?! There’s also the annoying and endless scrolling of going from online store to store, making your eyes sore and tired without finding much success. This is all quite a drab and is making me sad just writing about it, so let’s talk about a better way to shop and find the perfect gift for yourself or the gal(s) in your life (because there would be no them without you)!


Barb GrOb has been in the jewelry business for over twenty years, and knows exactly what kind of questions to ask to find the PERFECT gift! Here is a list of some questions to ask in order to get her the good stuff:

  1. What age of woman are we shopping for?!?

 Yes, we know age can be a topic not to be discussed (even though it’s pretty awesome to celebrate how long we’ve been on this planet), but we are looking more for range instead of years. More than likely, if you are shopping for a little girl, then we are looking for tiny post earrings. If it’s your grandma, we will probably be looking for something that will work well with dexterity issues. If it’s a woman from 20-40 years old, we know that age group is loving either very short or very long necklaces and earrings, and layering them is even better!


  1. What is her coloring?

Is she fair or dark complected? A good rule of thumb on coloring is “Contrast or Compliment.” For example, redheads will typically have fairer skin and will look great in greens (contrast) and soft pinks/lavenders (compliment). However, they won’t typically enjoy reds or oranges that are too similar to their hair color and skin tones. Blondes with fairer complexions will almost always look good in blues and greens, and if you know her eye color, go with that! Speaking of eye color, green- eyed girls will almost always love warm, mossy, olive-toned stones to set off their gorgeous gazers, and the same with blue- eyed babes!

  1. What does she like/not like?

Do you know if she likes big or small earrings? Does she like gold or silver metals? Is there a pendant that she wears all the time as a family heirloom? If you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to look at her social media. More than likely, her profile pictures are going to be ones that she feels beautiful and confident in, so it’s good to look at those and see what type of jewelry she is wearing. If she wears a certain necklace or pair of earrings all the time, we want to get her something to beautifully compliment them!

  1. What is her occupation?

If she’s a nurse, she will probably not be wearing wholly, go-to-hell hoops on the job. In the same vein, a 30-something year old Kindergarten teacher who is 5’2” and has a blonde bob won’t likely go for dancer-style chandelier earrings. If she’s a dancer, a ballerina will most likely go for a stud while a Flamenco dancer will go for a dramatic, long, exotic earring and no necklace. All of these women have their own unique style and we want to make them feel beautiful within their element!

  1. What is her personality?

Is she more wild or mild? Chances are, the teacher we just talked about will want something a little more subdued but still unique. If she’s more introverted or shy, she’ll probably want something to accent her natural beauty like a stud or small drop earring. If the girl you’re gift searching for is more outgoing, she will probably go for a statement necklace or a blingin’ ring!



If this is blowing your mind and you’re feeling stuck, don’t sweat it! No scrolling, no mall, all you gotta do is call Barb GrOb! With over twenty years of experience, she is an expert at perfect gift-giving! She will ask you a few questions (like some of the ones listed here) and pick out the perfect piece for your loved one. She’ll even gift wrap it and send it to your door. It’s that easy! Want to treat your gal pal or wife to a unique, personalized shopping experience? Call or book an appointment online for a virtual shopping extravaganza! Just make a wish list for your loved one and Barb will have it and a few other goodies she thinks will go perfectly with that style ready to go! Happy shopping, ladies and germs!!!

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