Sparkle Specs Artist Collection

Sparkle Specs Artist Collection

Key West Local Luxe introduces Sparkle Specs!



Handmade, One of a Kind, Unique and Good Looking 

Custom created, one-of-a-kind, stylish spectacles that will take elegant eyewear to the next level. By exchanging the stems or ‘arms’ for gorgeous, real jewelry and precious metals, the issues of your glasses causing headaches from being too tight, falling off your face, being stretched and, the ‘arms’ just breaking off, are SOLVED!



And, they offer a stylish alternative or addition to wearing earrings! Sparkle Specs are suitable for any age.



Key West Local Luxe offers the one-of-a-kind Artist Collection version of Sparkle Specs. Provisional patent granted. Nobody else has them.

Do we call the end a Tassle? Nope they're Sparkles(fully finished arms), Sparkle Specs (the complete prod w sparkles & lenses) & Glimmers! (just the dangling decor).

You can custom create them to suit any style or choose from the wide array of Sparkle Specs & interchangeable Sparkles available below. Contact us for custom creations.


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