"Artsy Turquoise Trio" Necklace - Turquoise, Sterling

"Artsy Turquoise Trio" Necklace - Turquoise, Sterling

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The "Artsy Turquoise Trio" Necklace is spectacular in it's simplicity - gem grade Turquoise is individually knotted in graduated lengths - so, it's made to sit perfectly, every time. The three strands nest & the easy to use clasp is a simple, easy to use statement in itself - sleek, modern, bold - a high-polish, Sterling Silver hook that can be worn bold - to the front or swung to the back for a more classic look. 

Near matrix-free, this Turquoise is superb quality - considered gem-grade, glossy, dense - not porous. It's impressive as Sleeping Beauty, finer than typical Kingman - origin unknown. 

16 inches 

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