A WILDLY Diverse Collection for Julie's Birthday!

A WILDLY Diverse Collection for Julie's Birthday!
This collection is probably the most diverse I've ever made. Lol! It was chosen based on Julie's love of pink, puppies, art & Mexico! And, her very diverse tastes - from sparkling gems & wedding wear to Fordite & great ROCKS! I LOVE how she switches it up & I hope I made some good selections for her!

If The Right Thing is here- you can purchase online or in-store. Just let me know & I'll have it wrapped & ready for pickup.

Of course- there are thousands more, in stock but some of 'The Goods' are being processed, to go on the site & are not out on display atm. So, if there's something else, in particular, - a stone or style, etc... you'd like me to find- Call & let me know- so I can have it pulled & ready to show you! 

THANK YOU & Good Night! 

Nopales Negros! On Sale
Nopales Negros! $ 225.00 $ 135.00